Large ISO Room

Our Large Floated Isolation Room is 337 sq. feet of acoustic bliss! This room, hand-built entirely from scratch here at Red Gate, is designed for all different types of musical settings. With no parallel walls, large format QRD diffusers floor to ceiling, enhanced walls, and incredible attention to detail, this room offers clients the ultimate recording experience.  Additionally, the isolation from this room into the live room and the other ISO room makes this the perfect tracking tool. The sound quality and sonic depth that can be brought about from this isolation room is remarkable. You won’t find another recording studio in Los Angeles like this one. 

Large ISO 2

This room, designed for drums, has a unique feel and sound that is unlike any other. Large enough to capture the dynamic of full bands or multi piece projects, yet still intimate enough for singers and instrumentalists alike. The quality of this room alone would win Red Gate Recorders props for the best music recording space in Los Angeles.


The room features 15 XLR inputs, 1 guitar tie, and 1 speaker send. 


Bring your entire band and fill up this room to track, lay down some booming drums, or even shoot a solo live performance video here, this room is ready to create sonic magic for your next project. Local, Los Angeles studio, rehearsal, and live events space, Red Gate Recorders has you covered!