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Highland Park recording studio
Newest release hand-crafted by artist and producer Mid-Air in the Los Angeles recording studio.

  Red Gate Recorders is an independently owned Los Angeles recording studio. It is located in the heart of Eagle Rock, CA conveniently set on the northern side of York Blvd, a popular passageway between the cities of Glendale and Historic Pasadena. The studio’s background in the neighborhood dates back to the early 1940s. This artful Los Angeles recording space is home to recording artists and videographers alike. It has since been called Eagle Rock’s best-kept secret nestled under a large sidewalk tree hidden from the main street.

We are a young and motivated Los Angeles recording studio crew who produces top-quality creative work.

At Red Gate we pride ourselves on top quality work. The in-house studio engineers are young people with unfathomable skills and creative tenacity in their music production. The recording studio’s staff and engineers are eager to not only take a client’s track or album to the next level, but are motivated to help them with their larger creative goals. We care about their vision and that is why we offer comprehensive creative services, community, and collaboration opportunities. There are thousands of recording studios in Los Angeles, but when people come to us they are always blown away by the caliber of our work ethic, the investment we put into their projects, and the vibed music-making environment built just for them to create.

LA recording studio
All tracks created locally in the recording studio in Highland Park.

We have very affordable and flexible recording studio rates compared to many other Los Angeles recording studios.

Red Gate Recorders is a young and energetic company. We believe in every client that walks through the door and want to do what it takes to bring their ideas to maximum creative potential. We offer our major recording space and creative facility at entry-level rates and work with all budgets for each client. We have a passion for the music business and desire to help more people succeed in it. We understand the difficult stages of the creative process that an artist must go through in their journey to release a body of work and are excited to invest our minds and energy in this process. Call us to discuss your vision and the budget you are working with. We will always take the time to find a way to achieve your goals. We are unlike any other recording studio in Los Angeles. Try us. 

Top-tier, handbuilt tracking facility. There is no other LA event space, local rehearsal space, or recording space in Los Angeles like us.

Local LA recording studio Red Gate Recorders’ main recording studio space (Studio A) has 4 independent acoustically-treated tracking rooms. Each room has unique sonic characteristics which give engineers multiple recording environment options to get the perfect song. Line-of-sight between rooms is exceptional, and isolation between rooms is excellent.

  • Our 337 sq. ft floated iso room is our flagship build and works incredibly well when recording focal elements such as main vocals or drums.
  • The 750 sq. ft. live room has 35-foot vaulted ceilings and 15-foot tall diffusive acoustic installments, making it a wonderful space to record large ensembles, choirs, and full bands.
  • Our small iso room works great for re-amping guitars or cutting a single instrument, yet is big enough to house a mic’d drum kit! Also, great for vocalists wanting to have a closer line of site to the engineer/producer during recordings. 
  • To promote even more creativity, our hallway, kitchen, and lounge are also wired for audio!
  • Last but not least, our control room doubles as another isolated tracking room when necessary, and also has full connectivit, and visibility with adjacent rooms.

Our thoughtful and unique tracking setup provides many recording configurations to arrange and do experimental live multi-tracking to keep the creativity flowing. This spot is truly unlike any other recording studio in Los Angeles. Schedule a tour today!

Los Angeles recording studio
Local artist collaborations are our favorite here in our epic LA recording studio.

Production Facility. Our epic LA recording studio has even more to offer than multiple tracking spaces.

Nestled inside the studio are 2 additional recording suites (Studio B and C) that editors, mixers, and producers have access to on a 24-hour basis. Each room is acoustically designed upon the room-within-a-room principle; both touting double-door sound-lock entry, nonparallel floor/ceiling/walls, as well as central A/C and heating for comfort. These rooms are also wired with 8-pair XLR runs + 2 TRS lines that interface with our main live room, headphone sends, visibility monitors, and a CAT5 port (for internet hardline or HearBack® Hub).

Rehearsal Studio features. Full-service, plush, luxury Los Angeles rehearsal space environment. For local and traveling artists needing rehearsal lockouts, multi-day rehearsals, and gated off street tour bus parking.

Our LA recording studio is specifically designed to create an ideal rehearsal environment. The Red Gate Recorders live room is home base for multiple large ensembles that frequently perform in Los Angeles, nationwide, and internationally. The full kitchen, 2 lounges, 2 restrooms and 10 parking spaces provide additional comfort and accessibility for clients using Red Gate Recorders to rehearse. See all the amenities listed {here}We also have quality backline equipment available for use for all rehearsals at no additional charge. Check the [gear list] for available equipment. The large iso room is also used as a rehearsal space for smaller groups. Equipped with a full PA, both of our rehearsal spaces are unique, comfortable places to perfect your performance while enjoying our luxurious studio environment and amenities.

Top-tier and comprehensive backline and video solutions are offered at our Los Angeles recording space.

Red Gate Recorders has an ample amount of gear ranging from cameras and lighting, to microphones and instruments. Our main rooms are equipped with PA and subs, a baby grand piano, multiple drum kits, percussion & hardware, acoustic and electric guitars, vintage keyboards, classic synthesizers, and amplifiers. Call in with special requests or any item not on the studio gear list and we will get it for you. Upon request, a sound engineer can be provided for rehearsals to meet any need a group may have. Whether it is cueing transitions, IEMs, or doing sound design of any type. We also regularly provide filming services for our rehearsal/recording clients. With a plethora of cameras and lenses, our in-house team is ready to capture artful and memorable footage of your project in the moment. Most of our clients walk away with a room recording that we provide in the format requested.

Premier, full-service

Our 2700 sq. ft. creative space.

Our gorgeous recording studio in LA is designed to meet the audio or visual needs of any client.

Red Gate Recorders is equipped to record 32 tracks of audio simultaneously via 2 LYNX Aurora 16’s into Pro Tools 12. After signal travels through our 100% Mogami-wired walls, our meticulously labeled and hand-wired TT patch bay (4RU/Switchcraft) makes connectivity with mic pre’s and other gear a simple task. The control room is fitted with only the most trusted names in the business, with API, Universal Audio, NEVE, Chandler, Toft Audio, Harrison, Empirical Labs, and Manley, to name a few. Additionally, our Los Angeles recording studio space offers live video recording to meet any artist’s expectations and vision. With professional video equipment on-site, the cost of shooting can be substantially minimized with our staff and expertise. As a team, we work together to help artists get beautiful footage in-house easily during their sessions, rehearsals or live shows. Call us today to schedule a tour!



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