Red Gate Recorders offers local rehearsal space for established and upcoming artists and professional musicians. We specialize in multi-day rehearsals to touring groups. Most of our rehearsal clients will take advantage of our Los Angeles rehearsal space while stopping over during national or international tours. We offer a premium service for our rehearsal clients and exceed expectations by offering the most comprehensive, best rehearsal space in Los Angeles. Our plush complex is outfitted with three gorgeous, acoustically-treated, and air-conditioned rooms with a full backline of gear. 

The Luxurious Live Room – $30 hourly


Larger ensembles are very comfortable in this 750 sq. ft. acoustically-treated live room. The large open rehearsal space with high ceilings brings to life the feeling of being at the venue of your performance. Really locking in the vibe for your upcoming show is imperative; our live room makes it easy to create that environment. Our rehearsal space rental is one of the most desired venues for practices, run-throughs, and dress rehearsals. Whether it be an orchestral group or a smaller band wanting to have room to move, this room is perfect for your group and entourage. In addition, our live rehearsal room gives access to the facility‚Äôs front lounge area, 5 off street parking spaces, and load-in area for your rehearsal’s convenience. Stands, backline, mood lighting, AC/Heat, kitchen access, lounges, and parking make this an easy choice for the premiere rehearsal rental in Los Angeles.





                         Large ISO room – $20 hourly 

The large ISO room on site is 337 sq. ft. of acoustic bliss. This intimate, yet large space is perfect for live bands looking to prepare for a show. It is an incredible sonic environment to craft the perfect live sound.

Equipped with a beautiful Conn Organ and many more backline instruments, artists can rent this special music practice space to experiment or dial in their sound with ease and comfort. Be sure to check the gear list for the instruments available to all musicians renting this rehearsal room. You also have access to lounges and kitchen for the premiere rehearsal studio experience. Please feel free to call our friendly staff with any questions you may have about our rooms or services.



Special offers are available for multi-day lockout services. Call for more information. The rates include all backline and gear options.

We offer the only rehearsal space in Eagle Rock and are certainly one of the most comfortable and vibed-out rehearsal studios in Los Angeles.


Why should you rent our rehearsal space at Red Gate Recorders?

-We are simple to work with and always ready for the unexpected. How about an LA rehearsal space that is always one step ahead of what you need? With everything set up to your requests, clean up, and attentive service, you will have a frustration-free performance rehearsal in a very sleek environment.

-We offer stress-free load in and private off street parking.

-We provide clean restrooms and showers for our clients.

-We have a full kitchen.

-Right next door to CVS, Starbucks, and many food options, our menu book is extensive.

-We offer rehearsal recording setups and videotaping with any vision in mind. 

-Our top-tier, Los Angeles rehearsal space is equipped with pro audio equipment and full backline. Let us know any special requests ahead of time such as: room recordings, videotaping, equipment rental, playback setups, on-site pianos (electric & acoustic), stages and the list goes on for the client options available here at Red Gate Recorders. We can accommodate your rehearsal space needs and more!

Call us!

Check out more photos and videos of the rehearsal space.