Recording • Mixing • Mastering:

We love it when a recording project goes from start to finish here with us, but it is our pleasure to take on your ideas at any stage along the way.

  • Our 3,000 sq. foot music studio space is equipped with multiple isolation booths, acoustically-treated and designed by our amazing in-house engineer Chris Harbach.
  • Our 337 sq. foot floated isolation booth, 750 sq. foot live room, and small isolation booth are all in direct view of the engineer, making your recording studio rental experience communicative, efficient, and enjoyable.
  • We mix and master projects both from our music studio and from outside sessions.
  • Our staff is very in tune with the movement in today’s music and knows how to get your music translating to the consumer the way you want it to.

We can help you get the elements you need in your music to meet your expectations even if you’re not sure what they might be. We provide access to all parts of the music production process, whether you need session players, vocals, mastering, a producer, or even graphics and live events… we have you covered! Contact us here.

We believe that your recording studio experience needs to be as enjoyable and exciting as listening to your favorite artists and tracks. The process of making music is intricate and organic. It is imperative that the right environment and people are involved in this creative journey. The caliber of the music studio you use to create your masterpieces, can make or break the final product. Red Gate Recorders has a proven track record of making our Los Angeles music studio clients always leave beaming and excited with their finished tracks. We go above and beyond other studios, because we are boutique, self-made, and detail-oriented, we truly care about each client. It is quality that is much more important than quantity. So while other recording studios in LA may be pretentious, overpriced, or too busy, we stand as the premier Los Angeles recording studio choice because we care about the local music community immensely.