Live Room

Our Live Room is 750 sq. feet with 30 foot vaulted ceilings for that are classic in design when it comes to LA architecture. The room has many different types of acoustic surfaces, from brick walls to varying wall treatment and rolling 8 foot go-bo’s to serve many spatial and acoustic purposes.  This room, frequently used for orchestral rehearsals, has a unique comfortable feel and sound. 


[Dimensions: 24’w/35’d/30’h] 

Transformed over the last 5 years with a number of different handmade acoustic treatments, it has evolved into a beautiful space.  The live room has 16 XLR inputs, 2 guitar ties, and a speaker send heading directly into the control rooms patchbay for the engineer to dial in for multi-track recording. 

Our selection also includes a 6.5 foot baby grand 1932 Chickering, an upright tacked piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Juno 30, synthesizers, and a number of different pedals and hand made toys for experimenting and finding new sounds.


Everything in the Live Room moves on caster wheels and can be arranged accordingly fitting to the client needs and desires. There is also additional mood lighting on dimmers for ambiance or to assist in filming projects shot here inside our lovely space.DSC_5101

If you’re looking for comfort you will find it here with everything at your finger tips and a helpful staff on hand to work out any bugs along the way.  rent recording studio near me

Red Gate Recorders has an incredibly gorgeous and versatile live room can serve you in whatever way you can imagine! It has been used by our community as their go-to Los Angeles music studio, event space, filming location, LA party space, local event venue, local rehearsal space, etc. The Los Angeles recording studio and event venue has been used as for comedy nights, concerts, orchestras, choirs, poker nights, Meetup groups,  and everything in between. Our beautiful vaulted ceilings, open acoustics, and accommodating staff can make your vision come to life in our amazing LA music studio space. If you are interested in hosting your next party, album release, comedy troupe, or live event here, check out our Live Events/Release Parties page and let us be the next Los Angeles music venue rental you partner with!